Not This Crap Again

Brian Lane:

“‘It would help prevent confusion among the fan base if the other Yes band would identify their key members as we have,’ it read. ‘If you just want to see the original Yes this summer, Yes featuring Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, Rick Wakeman is the band for you.’”

There is no confusion here. One band is Yes and the other is ARW. These people should not be behaving like idiots at this time of their lives and careers.

Via UltimateClassicRock

I’m starting to think that writing, and posting, to your own blog is not just good for the web but good for your mental well-being. Social media is becoming more toxic by the day.

100 Words – Music Reviews

You can tell the good review writers from the bad simply by looking at the word count. The best music writers can distill the essence of an album down to a paragraph or two. The worst amateurs will take a whole page to give you a track by track literal description of the music. They’ll make a load of comparisons to other bands and say absolutely nothing.

It’s why I rarely make attempts to review things. I know my limits. Anything resembling a review on this site is really just an attempt to make a record of something I’ve liked.

Dear Diary

Caro diario

Nanni Moretti talks about his inspirations while riding around the suburbs of Rome on his Vespa, comically tries to find a quiet place to work on his film with a friend, and goes through a long process of diagnosing an illness. Funny and touching mix of fictional elements and autobiography. I really enjoyed this. 4/5. Watched via MUBI.

Steven Wilson and Marillion’s Misplaced Childhood

Steven Wilson:

I really love the album, it’s one of the best pop / rock records of the 80’s in my opinion. I made the mistake early on of remixing a couple of albums by other artists that I didn’t have a strong affinity with, and I don’t think I did the best job. Not bad perhaps, but without the attention to detail that someone who knew the albums intimately would have brought to them. So ever since it’s been important to me to do right by the fans by bringing my own fan’s perspective to any project, that “nerdy” attention to detail that only someone who knows an album inside out can bring to it.

I’ll be buying this.