#NowPlaying: The High Llamas – Here Come The Rattling Trees. It’s great to have some lovely new Llamas music but at twenty seven minutes this feels more like a stopgap until the next full album. Let’s hope there is one.

Robert John Godfrey Announces Retirement from THE ENID and Rails against Prog Musos – RAW RAMP

‘Most of it is now meaningless, shallow nonsense… It is either a poor parody of things gone past … Or is a cynical attempt to try and feed the ‘prog community’ with the sort of stuff they are used to. So now we have: Nothing challenging, no new ideas and nothing behind it…’”

I’m looking forward to seeing The Enid tomorrow night on what will be RJG’s last Glasgow appearance with the band. It will be a bitter-sweet evening. The above quote shows that he hasn’t changed his views on the current prog scene and I have to admit there’s a lot of truth in what he says. At least The Enid are trying to move their music into different and more ambitious directions. Robert can be happy that he’s leaving the band in good shape for the future.

We have a habit of seeing our musical heroes as invincible and immortal but of course, as Keith Emerson himself noted in 1968, “Art is long, life is short.” A member of that Olympian generation of musicians blessed with prodigious amounts of ability and ambition, Emerson was a visionary and an innovator, keen to forge a sound that possessed both the grit of rock and the grandeur of the classical composers that both inspired and fuelled him.

Source: Keith Emerson – R.I.P. – Prog

Sid Smith has written a wonderful and moving tribute to Keith Emerson over at the Teamrock web site. I fear we’ll be reading more of these in the next few years.

It’s a shame that it’s the older bands that are still making money from touring in the UK. I would rather support newer bands but a lot of them don’t seem to venture away from the southern parts of the country. They can’t really afford take the chance and so it’s the old favourites that are getting most of my ticket money.