There are so many phoney news web sites out there now that it’s easy to get taken in by them now and again. If you get caught out then you really should throw up your hands and admit you were wrong. 

It’s not good enough to say “but it’s something that might have been said or done by that person” because that doesn’t make a better web.

Don’t repeat something without research just because it backs up your political/world view. There’s nothing weak about admitting your mistakes and in the end perhaps these sites wouldn’t get the publicity they need to spread their garbage all over social media.

Lovely article by Jason Snell about the early days of Mac users and the web.

“One of the amazing things about going on the internet for the first time is discovering that you’re not alone. All those things that you love, that people think you’re weird for loving? The internet is full of people just like you, who love that thing too! In the ’90s that’s what happened with websites covering Apple and the Mac. We formed a giant user group of people who loved this thing that everyone else thought was irrelevant at best and idiotic at worst: the Mac.”

(Via Remembering the early, glorious Mac web | The Verge.)