Likes: Laptop Replacement – Matt Gemmell

When deciding on a tool, there’s only your own context, and the stuff you want to do. If you can do that stuff on a given device, and you want to use that device, then I’d say, yes, you should probably use it. If you can’t and/or don’t want to, then… don’t. There is no war here. There are no factions.

These are the podcasts I listen to on a regular/semi regular basis.


The Bugle – brilliant and very funny satire from Andy Zalzman and a shifting rota of likeable guests.

The Flop House – three guys watch a bad film and then record this podcast to talk about it. They spend more time trying to make each other laugh and it gets a bit raucous sometimes but it’s very funny.

MacBreak Weekly – ramble through all the weekly Mac news. I listen to this more out of habit now.

Back To Work – I think this is supposed to be about “productivity” (yuck!) but Dan Benjamin and Merlin Mann usually end up talking about TV shows, comics, and anything else that takes their fancy. Love the podcast but hate the theme tune.

The Instance – I still play a bit of World Of Warcraft and enjoy a few related podcasts. This is my favourite. It’s funny and smart and I like the regular guests.

Podcasts From The Yellow Room – Sid Smith’s excellent selection of prog, jazz, folk, and much more.

Cloudland Blue Eclectic Selection – Great selection of music from another Twitter pal, David Reilly.

Canterbury Sans Frontières – “A boundary-dissolving continuation of Canterbury soundwaves”. I love this one.

Eppy Gibbon Podcast Music Show – another excellent selection of interesting pop, rock, folk, combined with a good Facebook group.


The Verb – BBC Radio 3’s “cabaret of the word”. Poetry and the spoken word with Ian MacMillan. I want to listen to this more.

A Word In Your Ear – interesting discussion and interviews with people involved in various aspects of the music business.

2000 AD Thrill-Cast – I’ve only just discovered this one. Dedicated to the comic I’ve just started reading again for the first time in decades.

I’m sure I’ve missed a few shows but these are some my favourites.