I really like my new camera. It’s a first-gen Sony RX100 and therefore a five year old model but it’s still the best digital camera I’ve ever owned.

Liked Prog 2017: The Year In Review by Scot Lade (The Fire Note)
More than just a relic of a by-gone era, progressive rock is an underground cottage industry today. Self-released albums, independent labels, small venues, themed Caribbean cruises, but no radio play – it’s all about the music, all about the art. Very few of the artists on this list can “do” music full-time. There’s just not enough money in it. Although this is a travesty, it is also a blessing. These bands have not sold their souls for fame or fortune. Why bother? It wouldn’t do any good. Might as well write and record the best, most interesting music you can. That is reward enough.

I typed my domain name into the internet archive and I was surprised to find snapshots going back to 2002. It appears I was a more prolific blogger way back then. It’s fascinating. I’d like to get back to that frequency and type of writing again.