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An open letter to the Mixcloud community about why we’re changing our playback experience

These proposed changes annoyed me at first but then I reflected on all of the free listening I’ve enjoyed over the years. I feel inclined to pay for that premium (hate that word) subscription now. I use Mixcloud a lot and it seems only fair to contribute something.

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“.@burningshednews & @Bandcamp are both artist-friendly businesses that fulfill media physically & digitally in collaboration with musicians. They're both run by great people who have musicians' best interests at heart. Both offer artists a majority of revenue, yet are profitable.”

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If your argument is that people need guns for self-defense, you're horribly misinformed. See the El Paso shooting: 22 people dead, in an open carry state. Or, any forensic pathologist will tell you that owning or carrying a gun just increases the risk that you yourself will be shot with it. The stat...