I see someone’s trying to start a boycott of the Mail/Sun etc again. People buy those rags because they like the contents. What’s the point of boycotting something you wouldn’t buy anyway?

Read Doors drummer John Densmore: ‘It took me years to forgive Jim Morrison’
When he was at the centre of the US counterculture, he lived in terror of his bandmate. Yet after the singer’s death, he fought ferociously to protect his legacy. But, he says, he still regrets not calling out Morrison on his abusive relationships with women

This is really good. I’ve always really admired John Densmore’s refusal to sell out to advertisers.

Replied to Chrïs on Twitter (Twitter)
“There’s not an ounce of fat on Peart’s lyrics. The revisions are palpable, the attention to detail and the rise and fall in the cadence and the musicality of the words are unmatched in the rock lexicon. Wheels within wheels in a spiral array.”

One of the many great things about his lyrics is that you could see his view of the world change album to album. He became more humanist, less rampant individualist.

Read Love remains, though everything is lost | Philip Wilding | Writer, Journalist & Radio Producer
Memories fall towards you sometimes, like brown leaves out of the blue of the sky. The thunder of drums coming through the wall backstage at a long defunct outdoor arena on the outskirts of Nashville. The eve of the R30 tour, myself, Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee mid-interview, I’d already spoken to Neil in his dressing room across the hall, seated next to a drum-kit the size of which can best be described as ominous.

Beautiful and moving tribute to Neil Peart. I’m still coming to terms with this.