Today, ninth day of furlough from work. Is that a fitting word? Furlough sounds akin to holiday and fun.

Shut away. Finding things to do is not too difficult. Books, music, radio, podcasts. I’m sliding into an out of the ordinary way of living. Why worry? As long as food still shows up at the door now and again all is good.

With family, pals, and wisdom, bring on tomorrow!

Marillion - Script For A Jester's Tear

I don’t listen to the early Marillion albums as much as I used to but had to have this new deluxe edition of Script For A Jester’s Tear. I was too young when progressive rock was in it’s 70’s pomp and I see this album as the first prog album of my generation.

It does sound a bit dated now and they went on to make better albums but this one still has a special place in my history. Listening to Garden Party gives me a real pang of nostalgia.

This series of deluxe editions has been worth every penny.

Just solitary dog walkers today. People are starting to take heed but they don’t have the choice now.


Social media is worse than usual. Too many people moaning about what other people are doing or what they’re not doing right. Sharing dubious scare stories just for the attention.


I’ve said it before but I’m really seeing the mental health benefits of having your own web site.


Installed Disney+ and Apple TV to my Fire Stick. It took three software updates before I could log in to the Apple app which was a pain. There’s plenty to watch across all of the services I’ve signed up to now.


Incidentally Disney is not really my thing but I took up an offer from O2 to take it for six months with a monthly £2 discount from my phone bill. The content looks better than I expected so I might end up keeping it.