One of the things I like about vinyl LPs is that they still have that sense of magic about them. I think the relative scarcity of vinyl, as opposed to the abundance of digital, is a major part of that as well. If my NAS drive full of digital music was accidentally wiped tomorrow it would only cause inconvenience. Losing albums and CDs would be a different matter.

“…music is so abused these days. You hear it in every shop you go in; you hear it in every taxi; you hear it in every pub; you hear it coming out of every car door, every car window that passes you in the street. It’s in everybody’s house; it’s on every phone while you’re waiting to complain somewhere. It’s been demeaningly pulled down, whereas it used to be so much more magical and sensory. Now it’s kind of oral, dirty wallpaper.”

(Via: XTC’s Andy Partridge opens up about songwriting, painting and developing the “cruel parent gene” toward your own art –

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