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Posting any kind of video link here is slowing the site down so I moved the last music video off to a different page. It can be found in the “Listens” post kind archive.

Replied to a post by Neil MatherNeil Mather
I made a little embed handler for WordPress so you can just paste a link to videos on and have the embed pulled in automatically to your post.

Thanks for this. I don’t post many YouTube videos but it’s nice to have a quick tracker-free way of doing so.

Listened Caught By The River Mix from Mixcloud
Frances Castle - Clay Pipe Music. A selection of music inspired by nature and water for The Caught By The River Social Club at Bush Hall. 15th Nov 2015. Vic Mars - The Road Through The Village Lois De Pablo - Credits from The Spirit Of The Beehive Tyneham House - Rookery Wood...

On This Day shows I made a comment about my birthday two years ago. May as well note the passing of another year. I removed the semi tongue in cheek “failed blogger” from my h-card notes. That old note reminded me that I seem to have kept something going here for a while now. Happy birthday to me.