Love My New Mouse

Logitech Anywhere 2 mouse

I picked this Logitech MX Anywhere 2 mouse up from an online sale. It’s small (not too small), solid, works with wireless or Bluetooth, and useable on any surface. I bought it for desktop use so was a bit worried about the size but, really, it’s not much smaller than my old USB mouse. Very comfortable in the hand. It was a bargain.

Replied to a post by Neil MatherNeil Mather
I made a little embed handler for WordPress so you can just paste a link to videos on and have the embed pulled in automatically to your post.

Thanks for this. I don’t post many YouTube videos but it’s nice to have a quick tracker-free way of doing so.

On This Day shows I made a comment about my birthday two years ago. May as well note the passing of another year. I removed the semi tongue in cheek “failed blogger” from my h-card notes. That old note reminded me that I seem to have kept something going here for a while now. Happy birthday to me.

Read Our useless social media (Pharyngula)
People are being murdered and our governments are a shambles, and the big players in social media like to pretend that they are apolitical purveyors of totally free speech. Nothing is apolitical, and free speech has become an empty mantra recited by the deplorables to defend shitposting. Thanks to you.

Bye, Spotify

I cancelled my premium Spotify account yesterday and I’m going to use the money saved to support Known, the content management system I use on my other site. Apple Music may not be much better but at least they don’t sell your listening habits to advertisers.

Happy New Year!

It’s a new year and I’m starting a new shift pattern at work later in the month. The current one has messed up my sleeping patterns. The new one should be a lot better and, despite working one extra day, I’m actually looking forward to starting.