I got my Yes tickets in the mail today. Doors open 6.30pm and the concert starts at 8.30pm so I wonder if there’s going to be some #Yes50 stuff beforehand. It seems a little late.

I’m putting together a page to record the books I read this year. Maybe it will prompt me to read more when it inevitably starts to look a bit empty.

My unspoken resolution to go the cinema at least once a week this year has been broken already. I think I can forgive myself due to the atrocious weather we’ve had here though. I can begin again next week.

I’m very happy with paired Sonos Play:1 speakers for my streaming needs. The Play:1’s really shine when paired. Amazon Echo integration could be better but it’s good enough. I look forward to some balanced Apple HomePod reviews but I’m pretty sure I won’t be buying one.

My iPad is really just a very expensive comic reader right now. I’m surprised at how great 2000 AD still is on a weekly basis. It looks great on the iPad screen too. My next goal is to read all of Love and Rockets via the same method.

Finished reading Marching Spain by V.S. Pritchett. It’s an enjoyable but overly poetic account of a walk through Spain in 1928. The similes and metaphors are laid on a bit too thick for my taste. I much prefer the similar As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning by Laurie Lee. 📚

The Instagram timeline is so messed up that I rarely look at it now. I still post the odd photo though and bring them back using OwnYourGram which makes me feel a bit selfish. It’s like I expect followers to look at my photos but I’m not prepared to look at theirs.