Read The High Llamas :: Hawaii
Now 25 years old, Hawaii shines as the masterpiece of Sean O’Hagan’s avant-pop innovators, the High Llamas. Prior to finding a permanent home at Drag City, the group’s early catalog had largely languished over the years, following an unfortunate copyrights acquisition which equated to very lim...

I can’t believe Hawaii is twenty five years old now. The number of albums released by The High Llamas is pretty low but every one is a gem.

What exactly is music? It serves no evolutionary purpose and yet, as far as I can tell, it’s the most important thing there is. Music is drenched in an essence that can’t be explained with words. It suggests that there may just be more to this whole trip than the mere corporeal world. It maps out the geography of another dimension and serves as a reminder, while currently operating these atrophying temporary flesh avatars, of where we came from and to where we’ll return.

I love these thoughts from Kavus in Medical Grade Music.