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In the 70s, there was Kraftwerk; German and electronic. Simultaneously, also German and electronic, there was Tangerine Dream. Though by no means antagonistic, they were opposite in every respect. Founded by the late Edgar Froese in 1967 in Berlin, Tangerine Dream arose from the short-lived but immensely significant Zodiak Free Arts Lab, co-founded by Hans-Joachim Roedelius, later of Cluster and Conrad Schnitzler.

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“.@burningshednews & @Bandcamp are both artist-friendly businesses that fulfill media physically & digitally in collaboration with musicians. They’re both run by great people who have musicians’ best interests at heart. Both offer artists a majority of revenue, yet are profitable.”

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An open letter to the Mixcloud community about why we’re changing our playback experience

These proposed changes annoyed me at first but then I reflected on all of the free listening I’ve enjoyed over the years. I feel inclined to pay for that premium (hate that word) subscription now. I use Mixcloud a lot and it seems only fair to contribute something.