What exactly is music? It serves no evolutionary purpose and yet, as far as I can tell, it’s the most important thing there is. Music is drenched in an essence that can’t be explained with words. It suggests that there may just be more to this whole trip than the mere corporeal world. It maps out the geography of another dimension and serves as a reminder, while currently operating these atrophying temporary flesh avatars, of where we came from and to where we’ll return.

I love these thoughts from Kavus in Medical Grade Music.

Read Anti-Algorithmic Music: How Bandcamp Is Helping Artists Beat The Odds by Matt McDermott
It feels endless and anarchic, a riposte to the algorithmically determined monoculture behind everything from the Spotify Recommended section to ghost kitchen-reheated delivery food. Bandcamp, and the half-billion dollars it has paid to artists since its inception in 2008, is real.

Bandcamp is great. It’s refreshing to find a company like this that really does care about artists and music. I’ve built up quite a collection of Bandcamp purchases now.