I’m getting a new desk. The choice was between a nice, solid, Ikea desk with drawers or one with built-in usb chargers and legs that could be raised up or down depending on whether you wanted to sit or stand.

I chose the one that didn’t require a plug.

I got my first Covid-19 vaccine exactly two years ago. It seems like yesterday. I accepted every booster jab offered to me after that. I’m sure this is why my experience of the virus last month was relatively mild although what “long-Covid” might bring is something I dont want to think about right now.

I stopped using Instagram ages ago but only recently deleted the account completely. Of course someone has grabbed my username and I don’t want to look and see what’s going on there now. Just a heads up to anyone out there who followed “stefp” before. It’s not me.

Trying out that thing that starts with M again. I’ll keep Twitter going because I like all the nowplaying tweets and book tweets and seeing what folk are up to as there’s no sign of a mass exodus (yet). The idea that there are serious political debates to be had there is laughable.