I’ve won £10 for last place in the work World Cup sweepstake. It’s £10 more than nearly everyone else so mustn’t grumble. Thanks, Panama.

I was sorry to see that the O2 ABC in Sauchiehall Street was destroyed in the fire that engulfed the Glasgow School of Art. I’d grown to really like the place and saw a lot of great bands there over the last few years. Its burning leaves a big hole in the Glasgow music scene.

Want to read: Kill Process by William Hertling, ISBN: 9781942097037

If ads on a site were native and relevant to that site then I’d be much less inclined to block them. I decided to whitelist a tech site recently (no names) and a big advert for funeral insurance appeared. Blocked again.

I’m back on a Terry Pratchett reading roll. Currently reading Guards! Guards! which just has something delightful on every single page. It’s the sort of book – cliché alert – you don’t want to end.

I got an email invite to the beta of the next World of Warcraft expansion. I’ve never played betas before because I don’t like story spoilers but I’m considering it this time due the new minimum system requirements. This iMac barely makes it so I’d like to see how it runs.

I really shouldn’t try to edit WordPress plugins when I don’t what I’m doing. One tiny mistake and the whole site disappears.