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“Is there a word for the reduction in quality of a piece of music from when you first hear it on the PA in the shop to when you buy a copy and get it home?”

I used to find the same effect when I first heard a good record at someone’s house party. It never sounded as good at home. I blame alcohol for these occasions.

Liked Ban the guns. by Ben WerdmüllerBen Werdmüller

If your argument is that people need guns for self-defense, you’re horribly misinformed. See the El Paso shooting: 22 people dead, in an open carry state. Or, any forensic pathologist will tell you that owning or carrying a gun just increases the risk that you yourself will be shot with it. The stat…

Read Tobold’s Blog: WoW Classic

However for a lot of people that will end up with the realization that you start WoW Classic at level 1, and that it takes bloody forever (compared with today’s WoW leveling speed) to get to level 60. Most of your friends are gone. And that even if you arrive at “putting the band back together”, that band now consists of a bunch of grumpy middle-aged men, who aren’t willing to take the same shit as 15 years ago.

These thoughts pretty much chime with my own about “WoW Classic”. I remember almost giving up due to the grindy nature of the game but I was lucky enough to meet my “band” early on and they kept me going. My account is still active because I’m always interested in the big story arcs but my raiding days are long gone.