I’ve went from having a 2GB graphics card to an 8GB graphics and the difference in game playing is huge (no big surprise). It’s still not the best but I’m resigned to the fact that iMacs are only ever going to be just good enough for games.

I’m getting to the point again where I’m thinking about upgrading my desktop Mac but the prices are getting ridiculous. I think Apple is starting to slowly move out of my price range now.

Replied to Parkinson’s Disease by Khürt Williams (Island in the Net)

This is what American big tech could be working on instead of “how to increase advertising revenue by data-mining personal information”.

Isn’t it great to live in a world where tech people can come up with ways to let us put glasses on our cat photos but ignore this sort of problem?

Listened An Indieweb Podcast- Episode 2: IndieAuth by David ShanskeDavid Shanske from David Shanske

In this third episode of An IndieWeb Podcast, I invited Chris to discuss my project of the last few months, the IndieAuth endpoints for WordPress, and some related Micropub work I’ve been doing, and some other ideas, and try to teach him about IndieAuth, so far as I understand it.
  WordPress Plu…

Interesting chat about some of the bits and pieces I’m using to run this site.

Replied to A MetaWeblog to Micropub Gateway by Aaron PareckiAaron Parecki (Aaron Parecki)

I’m always looking for fun and better ways to publish content to my website. There are several nice writing apps now, such as Byword for MacOS, which lets you write in Markdown and then converts it into HTML. Many of these kinds of apps have an option to publish to a WordPress site, using Wordpres…

I would love to see Ulysses connected with this.