I’m still a bit wary about installing iOS betas but I couldn’t wait to try 11 on the new iPad. I considered there wasn’t much to lose on a brand new device if things went wrong so I went ahead and did the deed. Right away I can see that instant screenshot markup is gong to be very useful.

This may not look pretty but I could very quickly let my brother know the relative situation of the places we’ll be going to in London later in the year. Not a big deal on desktops maybe but useful and very fast on an iPad.

London map

It’s almost exactly two years since I bought the Apple Watch and I’m still wearing it every day. Same model (black Sports) and same strap. Same battery life. I have no intention of buying a newer version as this does everything I need.

It’s not an essential item and I’m still not convinced it has a future. I don’t know anyone else who has one or who even talks about them. Saying that it has become a part of my daily life and I’ll continue to wear this thing until the battery starts to fail. No sign of that yet.

I’d been trying to set up two-factor authentication for my Apple ID for a while but I was getting the “…not available for your Apple ID at this time” message. All of my devices were up to date and I could set up two two-step verification but I wanted the more up to date two-factor version. This lasted months and I couldn’t find a solution anywhere.

iCloud preferences

I happened to be looking through my iCloud preferences on my iMac and I noticed that my “Primary” email address had not been verified. Once verified – woot! – I could go on to set up two-factor authentication. I hope this might help someone who’s been pulling their hair out over finding a solution.

“MUBI is a curated online cinema bringing you cult, classic, independent, and award-winning movies. Available in over 200 countries around the globe and on multiple devices, a subscription to MUBI is a passport to the world of cinema. Every day our film experts introduce you to a great film, and you have a whole month to watch it. That’s 365 extraordinary films a year curated by MUBI”

A friend “liked” MUBI on Facebook and it looked like my kind of thing so I decided to give it a trial. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. It’s like an online repertory cinema. There are only thirty films on it at any time and they are all interesting and worth watching. Works with the Amazon Fire Stick too so I’m very happy.