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So, for the whippersnappers amongst you, back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth (the 90s) we had the concept of a "webring". A webring was a bunch of related sites listed together in a central directory. You could visit this central directory and find a link to any of the member sites from there.

Posting any kind of video link here is slowing the site down so I moved the last music video off to a different page. It can be found in the “Listens” post kind archive.

Bookmarked The ultimate guide to DuckDuckGo - (
If you don’t already have the scoop, it’s the search engine that can serve as a complete replacement for Google (and Bing and whatever else you like), except it respects your privacy and security. And while Google does some cool tricks, DuckDuckGo does some even better ones.

I switched over to DuckDuckGo for searches a few months ago. There’s a lot of stuff here I didn’t know about especially “bangs” which look really useful.

Turning off the Jetpack plugin made this site jump about twenty points in the Google PageSpeed Insights test. Turning off the plugin that inserted the little icons into the menu items made it jump a bit further again.

Syndication Links/IndieAuth issues

Filed an Issue dshanske/syndication-links by an author (GitHub)
Add and Display Syndication Links. Contribute to dshanske/syndication-links development by creating an account on GitHub.

After installing the latest version of this plugin my IndieAuth plugin stops working. I get the following response from Quill for example:

Missing access_token
The token endpoint did not return an access token. The access_token parameter is the token the client will use to make requests to the Micropub endpoint.

Missing me
The token endpoint did not return a “me” parameter. The me parameter lets this client know what user the token is for.

Missing scope
The token endpoint did not return a “scope” parameter. The scope parameter lets this client know what permission the token represents.

Notice: Undefined index: items in /home/stephenp/public_html/wp-includes/rest-api/endpoints/class-wp-rest-settings-controller.php on line 328

This only happens with Syndication Links 4.0 and above. The previous 3.4 version works.

I’ve updated my Known installation to the the very latest and am now considering just moving everything there. I’ll be using it for Instagram/Twitter stuff at the very least.