It’s hard to pick one favourite Steely Dan song but Deacon Blues is a candidate.

“‘We’re both kids who grew up in the suburbs. We both felt fairly alienated. Like a lot of kids in the fifties, we were looking for some kind of alternative culture — some kind of escape, really — from where we found ourselves.’ Becker describes the song’s eponymous protagonist, who dreams of learning to ‘work the saxophone’ in order to play just how he feels, ‘drink Scotch whiskey all night long, and die behind the wheel,’ as not a musician but someone who ‘just sort of imagines that would be one of the mythic forms of loserdom to which he might aspire. Who’s to say that he’s not right?’”

(Via How Steely Dan Wrote “Deacon Blues,” the Song Audiophiles Use to Test High-End Stereos | Open Culture.)

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