My icon stopped appearing in replies and webmentions recently and I couldn’t figure out why. I tried adding hCard code manually to an HTML widget (editing HTML in a WordPress widget is a world of pain) instead of using the IndieWeb widget but it still wouldn’t appear in the hCard validator.

I’ve been messing around with cache settings so I tried turning off Litespeed Cache and the photo appeared again. This wasn’t an ideal solution so I fiddled about with various settings and found out that “Lazy Load Images” was the culprit. It didn’t make a lot of difference anyway so I turned it off and my hCard is working properly again.

4 thoughts on “Disappearing Icon

  1. I had this exact same problem, just the other day! I was using a similar “Lazy Load” plugin. Turning it off immediately fixed the issue. I think it’s because the image is prevented from loading until JavaScript determines it is in view. As the requests for your h-card won’t be running JavaScript, it’s never loaded.


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