Nice tribute to Malcolm Young in The New Yorker:

…if you can take your eyes off these two showmen for a moment, you might find your gaze drifting to the left of the drum riser, where a pugnacious long-haired kid (he looks like he’s still in high school), wearing jeans and a white T-shirt, is strumming his Gretsch guitar and shaking his leg in time to the driving beat. His name is Malcolm Young, and you could be forgiven for seeing him as just another part of the backing band, but he is in fact the mastermind of the whole operation, at once its visionary and its taskmaster. He is the soul of the band, its leader on and off the stage.

Excellent article in The Guardian:

The three figures in the late-night diner of Edward Hopper’s quintessential New York painting Nighthawks tell us about the loneliness of life in the big city, while the criss-cross lines of Piet Mondrian’s Broadway Boogie Woogie seem to dance to its syncopated rhythms. Whether it’s Harold Lloyd dangling from a skyscraper, or Robert De Niro prowling the streets in his taxi cab, New York appears to exists in our collective imagination as a series of frozen images and screen grabs.