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This week 5 years ago, I was winding down the last few days at my regular job. It was a great job working with great people, but I knew I had to move on to be able to create In a blog post on my last day at the job, I wrote about starting over and the hope for what would come next. The y...
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There are moments in the day when I realize that I have spent several minutes staring out the window mindlessly at the birds in our backyard, or just lost in my thoughts with no real focus to my thinking. There are moments when I have been unoccupied, when I have been doing nothing, but instead relishing the mundanity and beauty of boredom.

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While you’re stuck inside, your website is not just a place you can go to, it’s a place you can control, a place you can maintain, a place you can tidy up, a place you can expand. Most of all, it’s a place you can lose yourself in, even if it’s just for a little while.

I love this.

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“Resolution My future is finite Rapidly receding Every passing day. I’ve resolved to leave Outrage and anger to those with the Time and inclination. I’m spending whatever remains With music, love, and beauty, Changing my world With the latter rather Than the former.”