Tsohost has, deservedly, been taking a bit of a beating on Twitter but I don’t like the aggressive way other companies are trying to jump in and steal away customers. I don’t trust that kind of behaviour.

Added the Judge Dredd Megazine to my 2000 AD digital subscription. I’m surprised at how great this stuff still is after all these years.

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Third party apps like Quill are sending notes to WordPress using the Aside format which doesn’t look good with this theme. I’m trying to find the way to completely remove theme support for asides but can’t find useful information anywhere.

I thought I’d closed the Pinterest account I had but got an email about their new privacy policy. An email type that they wont let you unsubscribe from. I’ll be making sure it’s closed for good.

Next concert on the horizon is a solo performance by Peter Hammill in Glasgow. It’ll be the first time I’ve seen him solo and my first time at Òran Mór.

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A fix has been found for the Micropub plugin errors which is why I’m posting another "test" just to make sure.