Love My New Mouse

Logitech Anywhere 2 mouse

I picked this Logitech MX Anywhere 2 mouse up from an online sale. It’s small (not too small), solid, works with wireless or Bluetooth, and useable on any surface. I bought it for desktop use so was a bit worried about the size but, really, it’s not much smaller than my old USB mouse. Very comfortable in the hand. It was a bargain.

I’ve listened to music all of my life but musical theory is still a complete mystery. Even simple stuff like “a bar of music” is completely abstract to me.

Posting any kind of video link here is slowing the site down so I moved the last music video off to a different page. It can be found in the “Listens” post kind archive.

On This Day shows I made a comment about my birthday two years ago. May as well note the passing of another year. I removed the semi tongue in cheek “failed blogger” from my h-card notes. That old note reminded me that I seem to have kept something going here for a while now. Happy birthday to me.

Turning off the Jetpack plugin made this site jump about twenty points in the Google PageSpeed Insights test. Turning off the plugin that inserted the little icons into the menu items made it jump a bit further again.