It’s been two days since I had my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine and I’ve had no after effects at all this time. The lines were much longer but the whole process was very well organised. Kudos to NHS Scotland. Looking forward to getting back to real pub quizzes.

Learning French online. All of the big online sites seem to have their lovers and haters so I just picked Babbel because the reviews for their basic French course were decent and the price was right. I’m ten days in and enjoying myself.

I used my exercise bike every day for about three months and just stopped before Christmas. The grinding repitition of lockdown days just got to me and drained my enthusiasm for everything (including my favourite music).

It’s a new month, though, and the weather is slowly changing. Seems like a great day to start again.

Just when I think I’m out they pull me back in again. This is the latest I’ve ever waited to buy a World of Warcraft expansion but I’ve just pre-ordered. I had my doubts about keeping my account going but I guess I have a need to know where the continuing WoW story goes. Let’s see.