I went a bit crazy with Indieweb plugins and services to begin with. The fervour of the new follower. I’m cutting out the stuff I don’t need now or the the things that just don’t work the way I want them to. Manual seems best for some things.

Sharing Swarm/Foursquare checkins back to WordPress has been a really frustrating experience so I’m going to stop doing them. It seems a nice way in theory to record visits to special places the but the faffing about is not worth the trouble. I’m going to post photos and perhaps add locations via the Simple Location plugin from now on.

I typed my domain name into the internet archive and I was surprised to find snapshots going back to 2002. It appears I was a more prolific blogger way back then. It’s fascinating. I’d like to get back to that frequency and type of writing again.

I really like my new camera. It’s a first-gen Sony RX100 and therefore a five year old model but it’s still the best digital camera I’ve ever owned.

Logged into 750words today after recent reminders that it’s still going. I did five months of almost daily writing there back in 2010 and then stopped. My stuff is still all there. I think I would find the service more useful now so I’m going to start again.