Read Mozilla fixes bugs, improves privacy in latest Firefox release (Naked Security)

Mozilla rolled out version 67 of its Firefox browser this week, fixing some security bugs and introducing a host of privacy features.

I’ve been jumping from Safari to Firefox and back again as my main browser but I’ve decided to stick with Firefox now. The Firefox account and extensions are good enough replacements for iCloud sync and it just feels like they’re continually developing and making improvements.

Read James Ellroy: ‘I’ve been canonised. And that’s a gas’ (the Guardian)

The American crime writer on his love of everything big, why he doesn’t rate Raymond Chandler, and reading all 55 of Ed McBain’s 87th Precinct novels

I’m looking forward to the sequel to Perfidia but every time time I read a James Ellroy novel I feel the need to go and look at pictures of cute puppies and fluffy bunny rabbits.

Read ‘It had to be raw and dangerous’ – Def Leppard, Saxon and Venom on 80s British metal (the Guardian)

Inspired by punk’s energy, the new wave of British heavy metal helped put the ‘snot and piss’ back into rock music. Forty years on, its leading players tell the story

This brought back some memories. The comments are terrible as usual. There is literally no subject that grown men won’t moan about on The Guardian (or elsewhere for that matter).