Replied to John Toolan on Twitter (Twitter)

“Is there a word for the reduction in quality of a piece of music from when you first hear it on the PA in the shop to when you buy a copy and get it home?”

I used to find the same effect when I first heard a good record at someone’s house party. It never sounded as good at home. I blame alcohol for these occasions.

Replied to Paul Dementio on Twitter (Twitter)

“I used to own a Phillips Stereo Nine record player. It played records at every speed….. including 16rpm. I mean, really? I’ve never seen a 16rpm record ever. What were they? Spoken word discs? I’m pondering this cos I’m pricing vinyl vs. CD duplications.”

I think 16rpm was used for the spoken word but I’ve never seen one either. No doubt someone will try to make them cool again.

Replied to Dave on Twitter (Twitter)

“About to order some Stereolab reissues ,recommendations please or I’ll just order the whole lot”

Their sound changes quite a bit over time. I would get the top three and work back. They’re all worth buying though.