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Speaking of Post Kinds, there doesn't seem to be an easy way to export all that data in a way I could use elsewhere? That might make the choice of what to do more difficult.

I like Post Kinds but I’ve always been worried about the data if I stop using it in the future. Posts just disapear when you turn it off and it would take a lot of work to put stuff back in again. I’ve been considering adding the appropriate markup manually going forward.

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In order to stay positive, I am trying to limit my intake of news. I want facts, not sensation. Even some of the output from those sources I deem to be more measured have arguably strayed into the unnecessary at times.

The BBC has been getting loads of stick lately, some of it deserved, but I think their coverage of this has been pretty good. I think it’s been calm and useful and not at all sensational.

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“Most of the posters were saying that the new rules won't change anything. Well, I guess they're in for a real shock. Of *course* it will change things. Many, if not most, smaller UK bands won't be able to tour Europe, and vice versa. Merch (and ticket) prices will be inflated.”

They’ve become completely irrational. It’s more important to stay on side than it is to admit reality.