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I’m very happy with paired Sonos Play:1 speakers for my streaming needs. The Play:1’s really shine when paired. Amazon Echo integration could be better but it’s good enough. I look forward to some balanced Apple HomePod reviews but I’m pretty sure I won’t be buying one.

I’m testing webmention replies on my own post because they don’t seem to be appearing elsewhere.

What's the problem? (Jeremy Cherfas)
Over at Scripting News, Dave Winer says: Every blog should have a Subscribe button. In an open ecosystem this is a problem, a problem that silos don't have. Which is the advantage Twitter (a silo) has over the open web. I guess I'm not smart enough to see what that problem might be.

I see what you mean.The wording is confusing. Could he mean that blogs should have a Subscribe button but in an open ecosystem many don’t and so readers pass them over for Twitter?

Alex Lifeson: Rush are basically done (Prog)
Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson confirms the Canadian trio have no plans to tour or record together in the future.

This is not entirely unexpected but still sad. The first band I ever obsessed about. The first band I ever saw live. The first band that was “mine”. I lost track with them sometime in the late 80s but got back on board a few years ago and really loved the last album, Clockwork Angels.

Thanks for everything.