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Replied to What's the problem? (Jeremy Cherfas)
Over at Scripting News, Dave Winer says: Every blog should have a Subscribe button. In an open ecosystem this is a problem, a problem that silos don't have. Which is the advantage Twitter (a silo) has over the open web. I guess I'm not smart enough to see what that problem might be.

I see what you mean.The wording is confusing. Could he mean that blogs should have a Subscribe button but in an open ecosystem many don’t and so readers pass them over for Twitter?



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  1. When I teach writing (which I do), I always say to people, “This is ambiguous. Sure, I can ask you here in class. But most people who read this aren’t going to be able to ask you to clarify. They’re either going to be confused, or jump to the meaning you don’t want them to.”
    The silly thing is, Dave is there to clarify, and he chooses not to.