in Notes

I really shouldn’t try to edit WordPress plugins when I don’t what I’m doing. One tiny mistake and the whole site disappears.

  1. @colinwalker @stefp The last time I was fiddling with something on my blog, I had the code being fiddled with open in 3 different places: on the server in Coda, locally in TextWrangler, and in the WordPress plugin editor. Guess which copy I was editing? 😛 (Hint: not one that has a working Undo command…)

    Luckily for me, I generally don’t whitescreen my blog (the WP plugin-checker usually disables the plugin instead) 😉

  2. @stefp I’m constantly breaking my website, and it usually takes breaking it even more to find out what the original problem was. I’m so glad I found the Updraft Backup plugin.

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