in Notes

I got an email invite to the beta of the next World of Warcraft expansion. I’ve never played betas before because I don’t like story spoilers but I’m considering it this time due the new minimum system requirements. This iMac barely makes it so I’d like to see how it runs.

  1. @stefp Out of 5 in our house who play 3 got invites – interestingly the 3 who haven’t logged in recently (I’ve not played since November.) The two who have logged in recently weren’t invited so we assume they’re trying to encourage people to come back.

    It didn’t work, I’ve cancelled my sub for the time being – no point paying for something I’m not using. And even though I pre-ordered the expac I’m not sure I’m going to go back.

  2. @colinwalker I’ve pre-ordered too despite my reservations. I think my staying is going to depend on whether my computer can handle it and I can find a good group of folk to join up with this time.

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