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  • 2019
    • For the enjoyment of a faintly literary melancholy there is no place like a train. One sits back, effortlessly casting away the tired landscape of an undesired world. Every sight is succulent food for bitterness: those suburbs like trenches with the wireless entanglements above them, the pillar boxes, the concrete, the sap heads of red […]
  • 2017
    • I like the hot weather but why does it always make my Virgin Media broadband go flakey?
    • Not This Crap Again Brian Lane: “‘It would help prevent confusion among the fan base if the other Yes band would identify their key members as we have,’ it read. ‘If you just want to see the original Yes this summer, Yes featuring Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, Rick Wakeman is the band for you.’” There is no confusion here. […]
    • I’m starting to think that writing, and posting, to your own blog is not just good for the web but good for your mental well-being. Social media is becoming more toxic by the day.