Bram Stoker – Cold Reading
No best of list from me this year. Just a few thumbnails of some favourites.

Bram Stoker released their debut album, Heavy Rock Spectacular, forty years ago. This is the follow up. That’s some break.  

I bought this album back in January and it’s been a favourite all year. The ten tracks here manage to mix virtuosic prog musicianship with great warmth and accessible song writing. Think of the more pastoral side of Genesis or Camel. Don’t let the gloomy , gothic, imagery of the album cover put you off.  

Standout tracks: Climbing The Gyroscope, Calling Me Home,  Light At The End Of The Tunnel

[Bandcamp link]

This monster was lying in my shopping basket at Burning Shed before I pressed the buy button. It’s the new King Crimson “Starless” box set.

king crimson - starless
king crimson - starless
The contents are very impressive. The box contains twenty seven discs of mostly live performances by these guys. I’m looking forward to delving into them.

king crimson - starless