I joined a Mastodon instance to see what all the fuss was about. It seems a bit too confusing right now to become really popular but that might be the initial idea. Lots of techy people talking techy stuff which is always the way at the start of these services.

I’d been trying to set up two-factor authentication for my Apple ID for a while but I was getting the “…not available for your Apple ID at this time” message. All of my devices were up to date and I could set up two two-step verification but I wanted the more up to date two-factor version. This lasted months and I couldn’t find a solution anywhere.

iCloud preferences

I happened to be looking through my iCloud preferences on my iMac and I noticed that my “Primary” email address had not been verified. Once verified – woot! – I could go on to set up two-factor authentication. I hope this might help someone who’s been pulling their hair out over finding a solution.