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It’s the time of the year again when we get to pick from a limited pool of artists/events in the Prog Magazine Awards. There are a few strange additions to the nominees which smack of commercial pressure more than a genuine reason for them being there. It’s all good publicity for the magazine and the music though so I’m taking part again and here are my votes for this year.

Limelight Award – A Formal Horse

Vanguard Award – Trojan Horse

Anthem – Wassail by Big Big Train. Once again the Big Big Train song is the only one that could be called an “anthem” in my opinion.

Live Event – The Enid Present the Bridge. No contest really.

Album Of The Year – Hand Cannot Erase by Steven Wilson. Best of the nominees by far. Could change in the real end of year poll though.

Band/Artist Of The Year – Steven Wilson is the only nominee I could vote for here rather predictably. I’ve never heard of one of the bands nominated.

The Storm Thorgerson Grand Design Award – Starless Box Set by King Crimson. The deluxe edition of Hand Cannot Erase was a very close second choice

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