Lots of people have become disenchanted with Twitter and it’s not hard to see why. The reasons are numerous. I still think it is what you make of it though. I’ve managed to keep out the rabble. My problem with Twitter is the same one I have with every other social media service.

I’m not very good at initiating conversations there and most of my activity is in reaction to other people’s contributions. As more and more of my timeline is filled with retweets my road in seems to be contracting. Hence my recent comment about a “no retweet” option.

It’s almost exactly two years since I bought the Apple Watch and I’m still wearing it every day. Same model (black Sports) and same strap. Same battery life. I have no intention of buying a newer version as this does everything I need.

It’s not an essential item and I’m still not convinced it has a future. I don’t know anyone else who has one or who even talks about them. Saying that it has become a part of my daily life and I’ll continue to wear this thing until the battery starts to fail. No sign of that yet.

You can tell the good review writers from the bad simply by looking at the word count. The best music writers can distill the essence of an album down to a paragraph or two. The worst amateurs will take a whole page to give you a track by track literal description of the music. They’ll make a load of comparisons to other bands and say absolutely nothing.

It’s why I rarely make attempts to review things. I know my limits. Anything resembling a review on this site is really just an attempt to make a record of something I’ve liked.