2003 white iPodBit of history. An old iPod I found in a bag of stuff I was going to throw away. It has 2003 on the silver back so must be a third generation model. I’m sure I had one of the first chunkier versions too.

I’d been trying to set up two-factor authentication for my Apple ID for a while but I was getting the “…not available for your Apple ID at this time” message. All of my devices were up to date and I could set up two two-step verification but I wanted the more up to date two-factor version. This lasted months and I couldn’t find a solution anywhere.

iCloud preferences

I happened to be looking through my iCloud preferences on my iMac and I noticed that my “Primary” email address had not been verified. Once verified – woot! – I could go on to set up two-factor authentication. I hope this might help someone who’s been pulling their hair out over finding a solution.

Lovely article by Jason Snell about the early days of Mac users and the web.

“One of the amazing things about going on the internet for the first time is discovering that you’re not alone. All those things that you love, that people think you’re weird for loving? The internet is full of people just like you, who love that thing too! In the ’90s that’s what happened with websites covering Apple and the Mac. We formed a giant user group of people who loved this thing that everyone else thought was irrelevant at best and idiotic at worst: the Mac.”

(Via Remembering the early, glorious Mac web | The Verge.)