Two months at home and still not ready to go back to work. I have understanding employers luckily. Things are loosening up a bit more in Scotland from next Thursday so it wont be for much longer.


I was lucky to get an account for Roam Research a few weeks ago but I didn’t really “get” it until a few days ago. It’s great. There’s a bunch of people who are so desperate to get in that they’re willing to pay other people for their beta accounts. It’s crazy.


Why has it taken me so long to discover the magic of Keyboard Maestro? I downloaded the demo and paid for it five minutes later. I’m doing some simple things with it but I want to learn about all of the complex stuff it can do.

One of my favourite apps, iA Writer, got a huge update today that added Micropub support. This means you can log in to your WordPress site with IndieAuth to save drafts straight from the app. No need for a and Jetpack account anymore. No actual posting yet but I hope that comes later.

I’ve decided to give NaBloPoMo (ugh!) a try so here goes.

Music applications, soft synths, and recording software are all so cheap now that just about anyone can get their hands on them. I think I’ve bought every major synth app for the iPad now but I’m under no illusions about calling myself a musician.

I’m a dabbler. I like to make sounds with them but I have no idea about how to write a complete piece of music.

I think dabblers like myself have to remember these facts. A few cheap apps don’t suddenly give you the right to be heard. I see nothing wrong with making sounds purely for your own pleasure. It can be quite blissful.

Just don’t have any expectations about being taken seriously.

Or am I being too harsh?