Who are the “sheep”? People that wear face-coverings to protect their family and friends? Or those that want to get on their knees and defend an economy that doesn’t give one single hoot about them?

It’s a beautiful spring day here. People are out walking dogs. The sports centre down the road looks busy and people are playing football. Meanwhile I’m sitting here, coughing quietly, hoping none of those people get anywhere near me.

Day one of my attempt at social distancing. Anxiety levels are still high but I don’t know of any local virus infections yet. It does feel like the quiet before the storm though.

I was still at work yesterday but spoke to my coordinator about my concerns and he admitted I had a case for staying away. I phoned in today saying I was going to be off for the immediate future. Special new rules were introduced by my employers with regards to special leave and the fact that I’ve had a cough for a few weeks should make me eligible for full sick payment.

Yesterday was the first day that I started to feel genuine anxiety about the coronavirus. I’m not anxious about myself but about the people I could pass it on to.

We’ve moved into a period where we have to be conscious of everything we touch and everyone we meet. I just want to lock myself up but that’s not possible.