Read Doors drummer John Densmore: ‘It took me years to forgive Jim Morrison’
When he was at the centre of the US counterculture, he lived in terror of his bandmate. Yet after the singer’s death, he fought ferociously to protect his legacy. But, he says, he still regrets not calling out Morrison on his abusive relationships with women

This is really good. I’ve always really admired John Densmore’s refusal to sell out to advertisers.

Read 'It had to be raw and dangerous' – Def Leppard, Saxon and Venom on 80s British metal
Inspired by punk’s energy, the new wave of British heavy metal helped put the ‘snot and piss’ back into rock music. Forty years on, its leading players tell the story

This brought back some memories. The comments are terrible as usual. There is literally no subject that grown men won’t moan about on The Guardian (or elsewhere for that matter).