Liked IndieWeb Sharing with iOS Shortcuts by Chris Chris (
I mentioned last week I had setup iOS Shortcuts to post Likes, Reposts, and Bookmarks to my website, and automatically syndicate those posts to Twitter. This solved a particular pain point in my “workflow,” where I’d share something to my website with Indigenous, but then have to go in to the ...

The IndieAuth part seems to be working but I’m only getting an empty note when I run the sharing shortcut. I can’t work out where I’m going wrong.

Both devices have been "updated" to the public beta of iOS 13. No bad side effects so far although that doesn’t mean future updates won’t completely screw things up. I think my free attitude to betas reflects the fact that I don’t rely on these devices for serious work. I’m prepared to put up with a little wonkiness while testing.

I don’t do iPhone betas usually but I’m trying the iOS 10 beta this time. It took me two attempts two get a stable working phone but all seems fine now. Scrolling and app switching feel sticky but battery life is just as decent as before. No regrets so far.