Steven Wilson and Marillion’s Misplaced Childhood

Steven Wilson:

I really love the album, it’s one of the best pop / rock records of the 80’s in my opinion. I made the mistake early on of remixing a couple of albums by other artists that I didn’t have a strong affinity with, and I don’t think I did the best job. Not bad perhaps, but without the attention to detail that someone who knew the albums intimately would have brought to them. So ever since it’s been important to me to do right by the fans by bringing my own fan’s perspective to any project, that “nerdy” attention to detail that only someone who knows an album inside out can bring to it.

I’ll be buying this.

Marillion, 8th December, 2014

Here’s a few photos snapped with my phone at Monday night’s Marillion gig. It was the first time I’d seen them in quite a few years. I’ve spent this week regretting all the shows I’ve missed over the years. I’ve included the set list below as well which was pretty wonderful.




marillion setlist