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Memories fall towards you sometimes, like brown leaves out of the blue of the sky. The thunder of drums coming through the wall backstage at a long defunct outdoor arena on the outskirts of Nashville. The eve of the R30 tour, myself, Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee mid-interview, I’d already spoken to Neil in his dressing room across the hall, seated next to a drum-kit the size of which can best be described as ominous.

Beautiful and moving tribute to Neil Peart. I’m still coming to terms with this.

Lee feels that Peart’s comments about retirement have been misconstrued and sensationalised. “That’s how it goes in the media,” he says. “Talking about something when there’s nothing to talk about.” He is adamant that Peart, and Rush, will carry on. But for how long, he cannot say. The wear and tear of age is also telling on Lifeson, who has arthritis.

Source: Rush aren’t dead! Neil Peart hasn’t retired! | Music | The Guardian

He hasn’t retired yet but it’s sad to hear about our musical heroes getting old. If anyone deserves a bit of peace and quiet it’s Neil.