Robert John Godfrey Announces Retirement from THE ENID and Rails against Prog Musos – RAW RAMP

‘Most of it is now meaningless, shallow nonsense… It is either a poor parody of things gone past … Or is a cynical attempt to try and feed the ‘prog community’ with the sort of stuff they are used to. So now we have: Nothing challenging, no new ideas and nothing behind it…’”

I’m looking forward to seeing The Enid tomorrow night on what will be RJG’s last Glasgow appearance with the band. It will be a bitter-sweet evening. The above quote shows that he hasn’t changed his views on the current prog scene and I have to admit there’s a lot of truth in what he says. At least The Enid are trying to move their music into different and more ambitious directions. Robert can be happy that he’s leaving the band in good shape for the future.