I’ve deactivated the Post Kinds plugin because it made everything look a bit untidy. It caused Instagram photos to appear twice as well which I couldn’t see where to fix. I’m not sure how important this plugin is for interacting with other sites as I seem to be able to “like”and “reply” to other posts without it.

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    • That sounds promising. The problem I have with Bridgy sending gravatar images with Twitter posts seems to be related to Independent Publisher as well. It would be nice to see a fix for this.

  1. The duplication of Instagram posts was a bug that got fixed. Mostly it’s got a bunch more post kinds (you can choose which in the settings) for those who want them, though if likes and replies are all you need… Hopefully you’ve found the IW Press This bookmarklets to make things easier: https://github.com/indieweb/wordpress-indieweb-press-this
    Some people find that they prefer to tweak the CSS for the display of the kinds and David Shanske is also building in some customize-able templates to make things easier for those who want to tweak things for better display.

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