Read The High Llamas :: Hawaii
Now 25 years old, Hawaii shines as the masterpiece of Sean O’Hagan’s avant-pop innovators, the High Llamas. Prior to finding a permanent home at Drag City, the group’s early catalog had largely languished over the years, following an unfortunate copyrights acquisition which equated to very lim...

I can’t believe Hawaii is twenty five years old now. The number of albums released by The High Llamas is pretty low but every one is a gem.

I’m giving the Flickr iOS app another try. It could do with an updated design but the Photos sync seems to be working a lot faster than the last time I tried it. My whole library is backed up now and I just need to go through every upload and delete all the memes and rubbish that I’ve accumulated over the last few years.

It’s been two days since I had my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine and I’ve had no after effects at all this time. The lines were much longer but the whole process was very well organised. Kudos to NHS Scotland. Looking forward to getting back to real pub quizzes.