Bye, Spotify

I cancelled my premium Spotify account yesterday and I’m going to use the money saved to support Known, the content management system I use on my other site. Apple Music may not be much better but at least they don’t sell your listening habits to advertisers.

Read The Lazarus effect: how the music industry saved itself - New Statesman by an author
Something is always killing music. This Christmas it was the collapse into administration of HMV, the last major high street retailer of CDs and vinyl, following “extremely weak” holiday trading. Hearteningly, people reacted less with indifference towards a fallen corporate giant and more in sadness at the loss of a venue for musical exploration and life-changing epiphanies.

Listened Prog Rock Mix from Mixcloud
Growing up in the 70's I listened to a lot of prog rock...Genesis, Yes, King Crimson. I still listen to this music & have been on a big prog rock binge lately. I pulled this 3 year old mix out of the Low Light Mixes archive because I figured that Mixcloud & Facebook folks may not have heard it. For this mix I stayed away from obvious choices like ELP, Genesis, Yes etc. Instead I used artists such as PFM, Egg, Gilgamesh, Le Orme, etc. With a well known artist like Pink Floyd, I picked cuts from less well known albums. This mix is definitely not a best of prog rock. It's just a collections of tunes that work well together.

This is a great mix. Very few of the “usual suspects” and it all flows together really well.

I decided to take up the current offer of a 25% discount off the price of BBEdit, the venerable mac text editor. The discount was subtracted but then a further 20% was added back for VAT, here in the UK, bringing the discount to the mighty sum of two pounds sterling. I then decided it wasn’t really worth it.

I’ve started another Flickr account now that it seems to be in better hands. The only thing is I had to open another Yahoo account to get the Pro discount in time. I’m looking forward to seeing what the new account system is like and how easy it will be to change over.