I’m getting a new desk. The choice was between a nice, solid, Ikea desk with drawers or one with built-in usb chargers and legs that could be raised up or down depending on whether you wanted to sit or stand.

I chose the one that didn’t require a plug.

I got my first Covid-19 vaccine exactly two years ago. It seems like yesterday. I accepted every booster jab offered to me after that. I’m sure this is why my experience of the virus last month was relatively mild although what “long-Covid” might bring is something I dont want to think about right now.


Grief is about a communication of ideas and feelings,’ I wrote, ‘a dialogue suddenly stopping, becoming a monologue when you didn’t want it to.’ I said grief was the process of wanting to share more and be more with people who are no longer here, and I still believe that. Music gives us a path to them, and at the same time it appears to sit outside mortality, offering us songs which, when we want them to, appear frozen in time.

The Sound of Being Human by Jude Rogers

I stopped using Instagram ages ago but only recently deleted the account completely. Of course someone has grabbed my username and I don’t want to look and see what’s going on there now. Just a heads up to anyone out there who followed “stefp” before. It’s not me.